Happy New Year! Here Are 10 New Year’s Eves That Were Worse Than Yours

Everyone has the best intentions to have a great time on New Year’s Eve. You can put on a nice dress, buy a fancy bottle of Champagne, and book reservations for a classy celebration — but sometimes you still end up crying with your head in the toilet while everyone else is watching the ball drop.

Legend has it that what you find yourself doing at midnight sets the tone for your next year. Let’s take a lesson from these cautionary tales and try to stay on the right side of the law and out of prison in 2017. Be careful out there!

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California Uber Driver Rescues 16-Year-Old From Suspected Sex Ring

ELK GROVE, CA — A California Uber driver picked up a teenage girl along with her two suspected female pimps on Monday night and ended up rescuing her from a sex-trafficking ring, according to police.

Keith Avila says he had just picked up the two adult women and a 16-year-old girl and brought them to a Holiday Inn, where the two women allegedly pimped the girl out to a man for sex.

Avila became aware of what was happening when he overheard the women and the teen, who he said appeared to be underage and had an “innocent face,” discussing the sexual transaction.

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Beltran Leyva Plaza boss “El Nito Amavizca” arrested with guns, cash and armored vehicle

Original article available at Excelsior
Translated by El Wachito

Agents of the State Public Security arrested in Hermosillo, Sonora, Rodolfo Lopez Ibarra alias “El Nito Amavizca”, who was identified by the authorities as the Plaza Boss of Sonora for the Beltran Leyva Cartel, among the 12 priority objectives of the Federal Government and has extradition orders to the United States.

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School Discipline & Juvenile Crime

Mall violence, usually caused by roving gangs of teenagers, has been in the headlines over the holidays.  in most of the news stories on this issue, law enforcement and security officials speculated that social media had contributed to these incidents, presumably by allowing perpetrators to quickly alert other teens where and when to gather and riot.  Manhattan Institute scholar Heather MacDonald  suggests that a larger contributing factor is the Obama Administration’s years of pressuring schools to stop suspending unruly students in order to prevent racist teachers from disproportionately disciplining black students.  This practice, called “restorative justice”,…
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“My mouth is afraid of this food”

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Southern Police Investigation
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Prison Tower
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The Bloody Scandal of Criminal Justice Reform

Every day, I count my blessings that Jeff Sessions, the Senate’s leading battler against “criminal justice reform,” will be our next Attorney General.  But when I read today’s Washington Post story, I counted them with extra vigor.

Let’s say it out loud:  Criminal justice reform is a con job.  It’s a scandal and a bloody scandal to boot.  We know because every one of its central ideas  — enthusiasm for rehabilitation, avoidance of “punitive” attitudes, and the giving of second chances  — is practiced right here in the nation’s capital, and has been for years.  We don’t have to guess what’s going to happen.  We know.

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New Video Shows Texas Police Officer Paralyzing A Man With One Shot

Newly released video of a July police shooting that left a man paralyzed contradicts the Texas officers’ claims that he threatened them with a weapon, his lawyer said.

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“We think he was murdered in the Lake County Jail,” said Eugene Gruber’s cousin, Charles Gruber, formerly a police chief in Elgin and SouthBarrington.
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R.I.P. Eugene Gruber 6/12/1960 – 3/3/2012

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State’s Attorney
Michael J. Waller
18 N. County Street
Waukegan, IL 60085
Ph 847.377.3000

Mark C. Curran, Jr.
25 S. Martin Luther
King Jr. Avenue
Waukegan, IL 60085
Ph 847.377.4000
Fx 847.360.5796
Non-Business Hours Phone:847.549.5200

During Gruber’s incarceration, security videos show, deputies hoisted him by the armpits and carried him, legs dragging, through the jail. Other images appear to show an officer holding a slumping Gruber up for his mug shot. No cameras were present in the cells where the pepper-spraying and take-down maneuver occurred, so investigators had to rely on witness reports, some of which contained conflicting statements, according to records. When Gruber was taken to the hospital almost 24 hours later, jail officials apparently failed to relay to doctors there that Gruber was complaining of paralysis or might have suffered a spinal injury, and a back stabilizer was not used when he was brought in.

Gruber had spent the past month at Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital in Chicago, said Mark Smolens, an attorney representing Gruber’s family. “It shouldn’t have happened,” Smolens said. “He walked into the jail. Then a couple of hours later … he’s obviously paralyzed — notwithstanding the fact they dragged him around the jail like a sack of potatoes for almost 24 hours until the following the day.” The paralysis apparently was from the mid-chest down, affecting Gruber’s diaphragm, Smolens said. Gruber could talk when off the ventilator for short periods of time, but could not swallow and was on an all-liquid protein diet, Smolens said. Before he was moved to Schwab, records show, Gruber was in the intensive care unit. Investigators tried to interview him there on Dec. 10 but “due to Gruber’s condition, he was unable to speak but he could communicate by pointing at letters on a board,” a report states. At that time, Gruber communicated that an officer had twisted his head and neck in a violent manner, according to the report. A doctor at Waukegan’s Vista Medical Center East, where Gruber was first taken, said Gruber told her that while in jail, “the police put his head between his legs like a wheel or windmill. Gruber continued saying the police drug him around on the floor and left him to die as a dead noodle,” according to an interview with investigators.

Officers reported Gruber refused to put on the clothing, so they began forcibly dressing him. One officer forced Gruber to the ground by pulling his head down with his right hand, and grabbing his left shoulder with the other in a twisting motion, according to interviews. They tried to photograph him about midnight, according to a report, initially deleting a photo from the system because it showed a correctional officer in the background who appears to be propping up Gruber. About 8 a.m. officers again attempted to photograph Gruber but found his condition had deteriorated to the point that they called for a nurse. Over the course of the day, Gruber repeatedly told correctional officers he couldn’t walk and was paralyzed, according to records. The nurse rubbed the bottoms of Gruber’s feet, then told an officer, “If he is really paralyzed he will urinate himself,” according to the officer, the nurse was later fired.

24 Hours after his arrival The nurse found that Gruber slurred his words, his skin was pale, his feet were cold and purple and he could not hold up his head. She “noticed Gruber turn blue and his eyes started to roll back.” She found a faint pulse and advised others to call 911 for an ambulance, the report states. Gruber was transported by ambulance to Vista Medical Center East, where doctors found him to be critically ill with low blood pressure and a collapsed left lung. Doctors weren’t initially unaware he had suffered an upper spine injury and had been told he was suffering from alcohol withdrawal, records show.They later determined he had a broken neck and performed two surgeries.The neurological surgeon, Dr. Robert Erickson, said the twisting maneuver likely caused Gruber’s injury, according to an interview with investigators. He described this type of injury as “being seen in severe car crashes and sometimes found in football injuries, where a person is tackled by two or three players and has his head, neck and body twisted in several different directions.”

Christen Bishop, chief of special investigations for the state’s attorney’s office, said before Gruber’s death that she had closed the case.
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Chicago Police Body-Camera Rollout To Be Finished Early: Mayor

Chicago will complete the rollout of body-worn cameras for its police officers a year earlier than planned to increase transparency and rebuild trust in a department currently under a federal civil rights investigation, the mayor said on Wednesday.

The new timeline has all officers wearing the cameras by the end of 2017, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

Emanuel has worked to overhaul the police force, which has about 12,500 sworn officers, in the wake of the investigation, introducing a new use of force policy and pledging to add nearly 1,000 officers. A body camera pilot project was launched in January 2015.

A number of high-profile misconduct incide…
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In Mexico Violence and Death do not take a Christmas Holiday

Posted by DD, material from The Guardian, El Diario de Coahuila, and PanAmPost

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Tupac Shakur passionately explains his views on generosity and responsibility, traits he feels some people with extreme wealth like Donald Trump lack, in this MTV News clip from 1992.

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